When I was first diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer my husband and I were extremely overwhelmed with the information. At Doctor's Appointments we were so distraught that we always seemed to hear two different things. Then we found Navigate Healthcare. They were knowledgeable, caring and guided us through the process. Our advocate was able to go to important Doctor’s appointments with us; she asked pertinent questions that we hadn't thought of and then made sure that everything was understood. She wrote up all of our meeting notes and shared updates with my family so that I wasn't bombarded with a lot of questions.

Initiating second opinions to validate that I was on the right path, brought us peace of mind.

Navigate Heatlhcare gave me hope after the initial diagnosis.

- Cheryl S.

"When our mother was admitted to the hospital with multiple health issues, we were all concerned and found it difficult to obtain information from both our father and the hospital. After a couple of days, we were able to make arrangements to travel to their hometown. It was overwhelming- several physicians were involved, she would not be discharged to home, and we have limited understanding of the healthcare system. We also realized that this situation will likely repeat for one or both of our 88-year old parents during the upcoming years. We knew we couldn’t manage from afar, so we reached out to Navigate Healthcare. The Navigate team was extremely responsive, and immediately allayed our fears and concerns. They communicated with our father, the hospital staff, physicians, potential care facilities, and family members. They provided resources and expertise that we would not have accessed otherwise. We are so grateful for all they have done, and strongly recommend their program to anyone who is in this long-distance situation. Navigate Healthcare gave us all peace of mind knowing that our parents would receive the most appropriate care for their situation and that we would have regular conversations to ensure the best decisions were made. We will always be grateful to Navigate Healthcare!"

- Jan T., Pennsylvania

"When I fell and broke my foot, a Navigate Advocate was with me throughout my care. In the emergency room, she was prepared with all of my medication records in hand. When she presented the medication list to the admissions nurse, he told us that he didn’t need them, but that they would ask for them later. They never did. Prior to discharge, the physician ordered medications for me without asking about the current ones I was taking. The Navigate Advocate respectfully asked the physician if there were any contraindications with the medications that I was currently taking. The Doctor looked through the chart and realized that they had no medications listed. My Navigate Advocate handed her a complete list of my medications, which were reviewed. I felt very secure that I had someone with me who knew the right questions to ask."

- Bobbi H., Ohio

"Navigate Healthcare was by my side to help me decide whether to move forward with orthopedic surgery or to take a more conservative approach to healing. Due to my other medical issues, we decided together to take the more conservative approach. It was a longer recovery, but I avoided the risks of surgery. It was the right decision."

- Barbara, Ohio