Navigate Healthcare Membership is an annual paid enrollment which provides Independent Nurse and Healthcare Advisors that interpret medical terminology, advocate on your behalf, research treatment options and communicate with patients and loved ones wherever they may be.

We are a premier healthcare advisory organization driven to advocate for our clients while educating and communicating with patients and their loved ones. We believe that pre-planning prior to illness or injury is essential. Just as you pre-plan the long-term health of your finances we believe that pre-planning for medical adversity is just as important. Having a team of independent Nurse and Healthcare Advisors available to you and your family will help to remove anxiety and allow clear thinking when you need it most.

We serve individuals and families as independent healthcare advocates who work in direct patient care environments including hospitals, community health centers, long-term care facilities or homecare settings. We collaborate with healthcare providers to mediate conflict and promote better communication. As educators and health information specialists, we work to prepare and plan ahead with our Navigate Healthcare members to make the healthcare process more manageable.

Who we work with: Individuals and families seeking an independent advisor to help navigate safely through the healthcare maze.

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